CIL Build – VS Project AOT reference
Di Muso (del 09/02/2017 @ 00:11:23, in Informatica, linkato 1155 volte)
We have encountered a CIL compilation issue for a custom class which referenced a custom VS project in the AOT. The errors gave no indication as to the cause and looked as follows: Cannot create a record in Compiler information (TmpCompilerOutput). Path: \Classes\\, Warning: No proxy found. Type FileIOPermission found on the stack. This code in Class: , Method: . The record already exists. Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. The interesting thing is, that the class in question compiled fine. However, when we looked at it in the AOT, right after the CIL generation failed, and hovered over the method’s signature line, we saw a context error message stating: CIL generation: Error: .NET Cast Type Name not found. Type System.String found on the stack. This code in Class/Table: , Method: may not work in CIL run time. In order to resolve we copied the Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Xpp.Support.dll assembly from the Server/Bin to Client/Bin, which produced a clean CIL compilation. If you can, before to adopt this solution, I suggest to restart the AOS!!